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    Newberry Reference Bible

    Considered to be the best study Bible ever produced.

    This is the large type single-column reference edition.

    Calfskin leather. 

    Recommended for Bible study and Bible students



    Leading words in the text printed in bold type. Divine titles printed in the original languages in the margin. Old Testament passages quoted in the New Testament CAPITALISED. Tables of weights, measures and coins, as well as a chart of Greek prepositions. Some Greek manuscript readings noted at the foot of the page in the page in the New Testament. Alternative renderings in the margin with the actual Greek and Hebrew words spelt out. ‘Single column’ print across the page, a style more convenient to the eye than a two column layout. A lower hyphen_connecting several English words together which in the original languages are but one. Poetic sections laid out so as to be distinguished from the narrative. Parallel passages always noted in the margin. Signs indicating Greek and Hebrew participles, articles, numbers, emphatic prepositions, tenses and moods.


    1648 pages of text, 16 pages of maps and charts, India Paper Semi-yapp Black Calfskin Leather, ribbon marker, Gilt edges.

    230mm X 155mm (9.2" x 6.2")

    Special Offer: 50€ each (20€ off)

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    New Testament in French

    Trinitarian Bible Society

    Sown binding
    (not paperback)

    6€50 each