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Alpha is theologically confused and emotionally powerful - HOLIDAY REPLAY

Category: Nonprofits & Activism
Duration: 00:29:50
The Alpha Course is 'emotionally powerful but theologically confused'.

“Personally, I wouldn’t be game to use something that I know is inadequate” - Christian Author Tony Payne has watched through the latest Alpha materials.

Tony joins Dominic Steele in this BEST OF episode to work through the strengths and weaknesses of the Alpha Course.

This conversation is a high level discussion of Alpha, beginning with the heart of the Christian leader and our obligation to build upon strong gospel foundations.

Tony acknowledges Alpha's high production values, and powerful emotional content, but says Alpha still reflects CH Dodd's influence, 'There was a strong movement in theology to stand against the idea that God is judge of all the world, and that God's primary and only stand towards us is love. And that our problem with God is that sin has natural cause and effect consequence, with no sense that sin is a personal offence to God, and that God is deeply angry with us and our sin.'

'It's a gospel in which sin is the doing of bad stuff that has bad consequences, and that God's attitude to us is only love. And that what happens on the cross is a dealing with sin, a paying the price. But there's no explanation of what that means.'

Tony also challenges us to reflect: are we trusting God to save people, or relying on our own ability to 'reshape' the message of the gospel to seem reasonable and attractive and explains his own reasons behind choosing not to use the course.

Listen to the full conversation - regardless of whether you use the Alpha course or not - it is a good opportunity to reflect on our hearts towards evangelism.

Tony Payne is the founding editor of Matthias Media, and Writer-in-residence at Campus Bible Study in Sydney. He has written (or co-authored) numerous books and ministry resources, including The Trellis and the Vine, and currently publishes an online blog/podcast with Phillip Jensen called Two Ways News.

Disclaimer: Tony Payne is one of the authors of Two Ways to Live. Dominic Steele is author of Introducing God.